Dearest boyfriend

I've been spending a lot of time with him these days.
I think a good thing about university, is that there is a flexible schedule.
I'm trying my best to enjoy whatever I have before I step into the working world (wait a minute, idk what I wanna work as yet T.T)

Back to topic, these days were nothing but blissful.
Going to his house, cooking whatever I wanna try like korean pancakes, rosti blah blah, going to ikea together, lying on the bed hugging, talking rubbish, making idiotic faces, acting crazy, him coming to my house to "study" which turns to hugs, kisses, and nonsense chats, plus sleeping.
To me, all these are really blessed events.
Perhaps these are what couples in the "honeymoon" period do.
You'd just never get sick of each other.
We've been together for half a year, and time really flies
Seems like yesterday that we met, yet, it seems like we've met for so long, and are so comfortable with each other true self.

Within 6 months, we've shown each other our true selves
I think this is important - to be frank and truthful with your lover about who you actually are
I don't try to look happy all the time in front of him
In fact, there are a lot of times when I frown, tear, and feel upset about him
I lamented that he's unromantic, that there wasn't anything special that he planned for our 6 monthsary
I put up a long face, but he cheered me up, and he apologized
He never once flared up at me (well, if he flares up within 6 months of our dates, either his temper KNS, or my attitude is bad)
I hope he never will - but I too know everyone has a limit, and I'm trying not to cross his line.
But most of the time, he's the one that lets me win
Of course when I said something that hurts him, and he looks sad, I will hug him and say sorry, while pinching his cheeks
And he'll just be alright.
I'm blessed to have such a nice-tempered bf :)
I think a guy's temperament is very important
For me, a stubborn and hot-tempered girl, I can never stand or even get along with guys that are obnoxious, full of themselves, and EGOISITC
Nor can I stand selfish, petty guys
My bf belongs to none of the above, which is why we matches
I'm the guy that goes head to head with someone that offends me, but I soften very easily if the opponent is a kind, gentle person
I could go on and on about the nice things of him, but also the things I dislike
I dislike his unromantic side, that he leaves some of his electrical plugs on 24/7 when they're not in use, that he always sleeps zzzz, that sometimes he's so insensitive about how I feel (but when I'm sad, he knows it and will try to make it up), that his english and chinese sucks,  and that sometimes i feel like i love him more than he loves me :(

But, I know his pluses > negatives
I want to keep him with me forever
Although my mind may change in the future, for now, it stays this way.

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