Review: Camellia Japonica Hydrating Mask

Received a Camellia Japonica Hydrating Mask from My Scheming a week ago.
Finally got to use it today, in this rainy weather.
The mask I got was part of their flower series.

To be frank, I've never heard of My Scheming before.
The more popular mask brands from Taiwan is My Beauty Diary 我的美丽日记(which I still have 1.5 boxes left from my Taiwan trip - 2 years ago T.T)
Comparing these two, My Scheming mask felt thicker from the packaging.
I was guessing there must be a lot of essences in it!
 Here's the look at what this mask does:

Anyway, put it on and left it for around 30 minutes.
And no, I didn't lie down to sleep.
In fact I was playing with my phone, disturbing my brother and walking around the house hahah
I then went to my room, sat down #likeaboss and faced the window
What for?
For the cold air to blow against my mask and face la

Sorry I've no photos of myself putting on the mask
It was so troublesome to apply mask and take photo, my hands were filled with essences
I can't tell much differences between other masks and this.
Seriously, most masks feel the same to me, be it from Seoul or Taiwan
I've used soooo many masks from Korea - different brands - but they feel the same to me.
The only difference is the size of the sheets
My Scheming Mask was wider
Sadly, because my face is rather small, the mask didn't sit nicely on my skin
But, doesn't matter la, what matters is whether there's after effect.

After removing the mask, I patted the essences onto my skin
The hydrating mask did hydrate my skin to be honest
And my face feels smoother
I typically have oily nose, but after application, my nose hasn't secrete any oil haha
Oh, and a small tip: after using the mask, why not apply the leftover essences all over your body?

That's all :)

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