Review: Lao Huo Tang(老火汤) & Freshness Burger Cafe (Groupon Deal)

Watched Ah Boys To Men today at Shaw Bugis Junction.
The first part about war made me cry, especially when the uncle jumped on the grenade himself as sacrifice (oops, too much info?)
But after that, everything was hilarious. HAHAHAHA
I always enjoyed Jack Neo's movie (most of the times), because the movies depicts Singaporean life really well.
It captured the mentality of kiasu and kiasi Singaporeans.
Anyway, go watch the movie.
I emerged with better understanding of the NS life, and am really grateful for our nation's defence force.
Never ever be complacent, and always be prepared.
(psst, I saw qiuqiu at bugis today, cause i spotted a lanky figure walking towards us and looked at her face. haha, just when we saw her in the movie! sadly my bf didn't know who she was -.- even though we just saw her in the movie. guys...)

Well, before my movie, we headed to Bugis Junction Foodcourt.
I settled for 老火汤.
I remembered the first time I had it was veryyyy long ago at Chinatown hawker centre.
There's always long queue!
Not sure if you guys have noticed, this stall has been sprawning across Singapore.
Not that its bad, because they offer a "healthier" choice for us
But, I'm not very sure if they added in MSG, because my soup sure was salty.
Love the pumpkin rice, but sadly I didn't finish it hehe
I ordered the pear pork ribs soup, because I was feeling a little heaty and having cough.
I always believe in healing myself through correct food choices, rather than relying on medicines :)

To be frank, it wasn't a really cheap dish, considering the amount of meat they gave.
The soup costs $4.50, while the pumpkin rice was $1
I had a cheaper dish with more meats in school!

Dinner was at Freshness Burger Cafe.
Headed to Clarke Quay because we bought Groupon voucher here.
We got the Set B: 2 Burgers + 2 Drinks + 2 Sides
Voucher value: $29.20
Paid $12.90 or $13.90 (can't remember)

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central 01-30, 059817, Singapore
We were able choose from 3 burger options:
Jumbo stuffed Cheese Beef Burger,
Cordon Bleu Chicken Burger,
Vegetarian Option: Non-genetic Modified Soy Patty available with top up of $1 to outlet directly.
Seriously, there wasn't much burger choices.
Ended up with the beef and chicken burger.
Chicken burger on the left, Beef Burger on the right
To comment, the burgers are slightly bigger than what you'll get in Macs and KFCs.
I believe my beef burger was a better choice than my bf's chicken burger.
The beef patties were not bad, while the chicken was just so-so.
It's ironic that the brand is called FRESHNESS BURGER, but I feel no freshness to it at all.
Perhaps the veggies (what a joke)
My bf commented that he'd rather eat MOS Burger, oh well.
FYI, the two burgers are not found in the menu
It's a special order for grouponers
So, I can't put a price to it :)

Choose from 7 drink options:,
Pepsi, Pepsi Light, 7-Up, Ice Earl Grey Tea, Ice Genmai Tea - Green tea with Malt, Hot Genmai Tea
Top-up $0.50 for an Italian Soda-of-the-Day
Seriously, who in the right mind will order soft drinks (don't tell me you do, waste money okay!)
So pepsi, light, 7-up were OUT.
There's just not much options left.
Ordered the Ice Earl Grey Tea on the left, and the Hot Genmai Tea on the right
You need to add syrup into the earl grey tea cause it's super bitter.
Well, for my hot genmai tea, it just taste like the usual Japanese tea in jap resturants lor.
Note that these two cups are Grande, meaning the largest.
Usual price for earl grey was $3.50, mine was $2.50

Choose from 5 sides options:
French Fries , Vegetable Soup, 12oz, Cream of Chicken Soup, 12oz,
Mashed Potato, Hokkaido Potato (Small size)
Again, not much options.
Only thing that caught our eyes was the hokkaido potato
Sounds more hua what, no meh? haha
Note the word SMALL SIZE
Look at my portion (face palm)
5 pieces only
This costs $3.30 each

For your references, I've attached the menu
Thank me for it! You can check the prices!
So, if say we paid $13.90 for what we ate
$13.90 - $2.50 - $2.50 - $3.30 - $3.30 = $2.30
So the two burgers would be like $2.30?
All in all, this wasn't a fantastic meal
Sure there wasn't much people (is this a bad sign?), and you can chill there doing homework (saw two girls doing so), it's not exactly a nice place for burgers
And, one thing about Groupon, it's for vendors to try and sell their products to customers, so they'd come back again no?
The fact that Freshness Burgers limit the choices of drinks and sides and even their burgers were not on the menu, shows little effort for so.
They should have allowed for any choices of drinks - they're roughly the same price what!
If you let me try other drinks, I may have felt the meal was a more satisfying one?
Same with the burgers, at least let us try out the taste of the burgers on menu?
I see no point in the store having new burgers made for us
As for the sides, limited choices too.

Won't patronize this store anymore.
There's a lack of WOW factors to it.
Maybe my bf was right, MOS burger would have been better?

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