Christmas with Coach

I used to think Coach bags are for aunties.
The C designs did not appeal to me at all.
But, the videos by Michelle Phan changed my mind about Coach.

I just got hooked on Coach bags T.T
Look at how pretty the Cherry-coloured Legacy Archival Top Zip Satchel is!!
It looks practical for the amount of stuffs I need to put it.
There's even a mini purse at the side for you to put your coins.
I always believe that a good design is one that serves the need of the consumer.
The compartments in the bags are good for the items that ladies these days carry around!

Coach has just came out with the Holiday Collection.
I love how they've transformed themselves with the colourful bags and items.
At least this is fit for girls and women alike!
$398 USD
I like how the prices are rather befitting for a student like me.
But, it's only this cheap if I live in the US :(
the same bags sold in Singapore are like double the prices in US -.-

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