Saveur @ Far East Plaza

Came back home from my dinner at Saveur, and I knew I had to blog about this.
I know I'm pretty slow in uncovering affordable and yummy cuisines, but it's better than nothing!
Saveur turns out to be a good dining location for me - it's located in town at FEP; and the price is rather affordable, however, not cheap, for French cuisine

If you've followed my posts on food, you'll know I usually grumble about the food standard :X
However, Saveur did not disappoint.
I'm loving what I'd ordered, other than the mains.
Funny that I find the sides more enjoyable than the mains!


Their signature pasta, Saveur's pasta, was a true delight.
For $4.90, it was a dish not to be missed.
I love how flavourful it was, almost like an aglio olio minus the garlic.
There was a generous serving of sakura ebi, but I didnt see much minced pork.
Shared this with my friend, and I was longing for more.

The next must order is the Foie Gras with lentils.
I was initially against ordering this dish since the last time I had Foie Gras, it was horrible.
What I imagined was thick, disgusting liver...ewww.
Thankfully my friend chose this, and I was able to try it.
It was sooo good.
I felt the Foie Gras just melt into my mouth once I bite it.
Love the lentil infused sauce all over the foie gras


Mains which were just so-so
My friend got the Duck Confit which was supposedly their bestseller.
I liked the creamy mash potato and the mushrooms, but I thought that the duck leg meat was a little too tough for me.
After having my Bebek Garing in Bali and Batam, I felt that the taste of duck should be best left at that, LOL.
That was why I didn't order the duck confit over here.

I got myself the Pan Seared Sea Bass.
Didn't like the texture of the sea bass, and I thought the meat wasn't juicy.
My friend felt that it tasted fresh though.
The only plus points of this dish for me, was the potatoes.
And, who can forget the dish presentation!
In fact, every dishes deserves full marks for their presentation, don't you think so?

Good to order Sides
I like how creamy and thick the potatoes were.
An addition of $2 for this dish, not sure if it's ultra worth it, but it was decent!

Plus points for the Pistachio Panna Cotta!
I thought it was green tea at first haha!
Topped with ground and caramelised pistachio nuts, it was good and creamy.
However, I'm the kind who can't take too much milky and creamy stuff, so I only took 2 mouths before the rest were wiped by my friend.
I think this can be listed as a must order too!

Lastly, I had the Textures of Citrus.
I wanted a refreshing dessert because of the fried and oily dishes I had, plus my throat was itching.
When it came, the people sitting near me went "WOW".
Awesome presentation, yet again.
This was indeed refreshing, although the acidic and sour taste became a little too strong for my stomach.
This dessert consists of orange Ice shavings and grapefruit jelly, topped with the salty crushed cornflakes and meringue bits. 
You could taste sweet, sour and a touch of citrus bitterness.
Kinda love it!

Overall, I felt like this was more worth my bucks, rather than the experience I had at Au Petit Salut
For 2 pax, the above dishes costs us a little less than $70.
Will definitely bring my bf over soon!

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