Sunshine after Rain

Pretty stoked that my previous blog post about unemployment received rather high views.
Well, hallelujah, I'm officially starting work soon!
It took me around 2 months after my previous post to get a job, and it wasn't easy.

During my unemployment period, which I'd say starts from the end of my grad trip, June till now, I've been feeling really negative about my worth.
These past 3 months were not as rosy as it seems (although I might add that it was carefree meeting with my bf and friends as and when I like, not burdened by any schedules whatsoever).
Episodes of rejections came when I went for many interviews, including phone interview, psychometric tests and written tests only to receive rejection emails or no news at all.
It's rather frustrating to see/hear rejection when you thought you've did well during the interview.
I questioned myself a lot during then, "Is my degree that useless?" "Why is it that 7/10 NTU grads found jobs but not me?" "Why am I so unlucky?" "Why can't I always get the things I want?" "Am I expecting too much?"

While a few of the assessment tests I went were successful,  I've yet to receive any calls for further action, even till today (psst, some companies are just too inefficient).
One told me that while I've passed the assement, there are no current vacancies for me, and they're keeping my application in view.
Sigh, such replies give me hope yet puts me to hell, it's like I'll never know when I will be called up. What if it's days later? Weeks later, or months?
Thankfully, I managed to secure a job in the midst of those interviews.  
To be honest, I had nearly miss this chance because I prioritized the other selection by a company (they've yet to get back to me even after me bugging).
I even thought that since I was successful for the first round in another company, I might as well skip my company's interview (both were for similar positions, except one was a management programme, the other wasn't)
Fortunately I did not - I took every chance I had seriously, because I felt like I shouldn't waste anymore time.
It's better to have options than none, don't you think so?
Long story cut short, the past negative feelings I had towards myself disappeared now that I've found a job I liked.
While the company isn't a prominent one, at least it's a job scope I eyed on!
Benefits and salary were competitive (although I wish for more, haha! People are just greedy).
I thank myself for persevering through and not give up, and I hope fellow friends who are facing this will do so as well.
You'll never know when opportunities will come and go, so grab onto it once you get the chance.
As long as you've tried, even if it turns out unsuccessful, know that at the very least, you've done your best!

Now that I'm going to embark on my career, it's  little regretful that my holidays are officially OVER.
No more going for promotional tea breaks, or going out as and when I like.
No more going on overseas trip (although I'm glad I went to Korea, Bali and Batam during these past 3 months of unemployment LOL).
It's time to give back to the society, as well as give back to my parents.

Anyway, I don't think I'll stop blogging since I don't find it a hassle.
I can still blog on weekdays and after work.
I find it a joy to share my reviews on places I've went, deals that I've bought.
I'm not a famous blogger, nor do I want to be one (since I hate plastering my face all over my blog), but I'll make this blog a place for me to share my honest reviews.
Hopefully, more readers would be attracted to this little space of mine!

The last thing to myself is, NEVER GIVE UP.
There'll be sunshine after the rain.

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