LaoBeijing Dimsum Weekday Hi-tea buffet, Plaza Singapura

Been 2 weeks into my employment, well, time really flies.
I was still complaining about being jobless, but least I found a job in September.
Back in Jan 2013, I thought I'd get employed in June.
Then, June came. I went on a graduation trip to Korea, and prayed I'd get a job in July.
July came - no news, despite going for several interviews.
I prayed, "let me get a job in August", since I'll be officially graduating then.
August came, my graduation ceremony had passed, and I was still jobless.
I prayed, "let me get a job in September". September, I believe, is my lucky hatch month.
True enough, I got it.
But, I got the job, not because I prayed - but because I took actions.
For those who're feeling down because you're unemployed or are facing any difficulties, pray for luck, BUT what's most important, is you take charge in steering your path.
I wish you all the best.

Reflections aside, I could finally say, TGIF!
Rushed down from work to Plaza Singapura for dimsum buffet.
I came across this LaoBeijing dim sum buffet which costs $11.80+ from 3 to 530.
See here
Knew I had to go down and test it for myself, since it was cheap.

I should let you know that the price is in fact, $12.80++ (they've increased their price, BUT THEIR WEBSITE DID NOT REFLECT IT!), and the timing has changed to 3 to 5pm.
And guess what, on the board, it said that the last order would 15 minutes before closing time, but the waitresses came and told us to order our last dishes half an hour before.
Shitty service.

Anyway, since I rushed down from work, I only reached the place at 4pm - yeah, so lugi.
In actual fact, I was only able to dine for around 1 hour.

Their dim sum were rather horrible, to be honest.
Don't expect a lot of variety either, I felt conned because the pdf menu listed so many options to choose from.
Do compare by yourself what was listed on their website, and the options I was given on that piece of paper

Below are snapshots of what I ordered.
Most of the dishes were disappointing.

I like the hot and spicy soup,. and the braised mushrooms though.

Dan Dan Mian below. This was different from what I'd tried at Din Tai Fung.
I thought dan dan mian was supposed to have peanut sauce? Correct me if I'm wrong.
This is probably a different version, as it was soupy.
Well, I preferred DTF's though.

 Funny thing about their dumplings were, the waitresses don't tell us which was which when they plate them on our table?
As you can tell from the picture, the dumpling (pork and chives) below were of low standards.
One thing to note is, ALL their servings were really small.
If you order dumplings, they'd give you 2-4 for 2 pax, depending on their mood. WHAT?
 Char Siew bun was pretty good.
 Xiao Long Bao!
This was supposed to be my main highlight. I foresee myself eating many xlb to make my buffet trip worth.
Guess what, this was the only basket I ordered, and I only ate 2.
I officially declare this as the worst XLB I've ever tasted.
It's the meat's quality, I say.
Dried Noodles with Onion Oil - didn't like it
 The bowl above is the Spicy Beef Noodles Soup, while the bowl below is Zhajiang Noodles.
Both bowls are sooo tiny, yet I didn't finish them - they just don't taste good!

Paid around $15 per pax.
The price is decent, but for the standards, and the lack of variety, I'm NEVER EVER EVER coming back again.

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