Gift for Dad: 60th birthday - OSIM uRelax, uPebble, uCozy

Disclaimer: this is not an advertorial

My dad's 60th birthday is coming soon and we've been cracking our heads on what to get him.
Shirt? We get it for him every CNY.
Just treat him to good food? I suppose he won't mind, but we just felt a gift would be better.
If the gift is useful for all of us, it would be even better!

One day, my brother checked out OSIM massage chairs and concluded that we should get a set for dad.
But, no way am I paying $3000+ for the massage chair.
I don't wanna eat grass, and I don't feel the need for such extravagance.
My brother saw this bundle deal on OSIM web, which had the urelax and ucozy for $269.
Sounds pretty good.
Anyway, since we lack a decent massager at home (my dad got conned into buying some stupid china product marketed by his friend, and the plug wasn't even a three-pin one! It was meant for use in China. wtf, damn pissed that my dad would buy such a thing. Plus there wasn't even any safety certification!), we decided on massagers.

Combed through the 3 different stores - Ogawa, Osim and OTO - at NEX.
In the end, we were contemplating on the first 2 stores.
We finalised on OSIM because the deal was the most value for money.
But, I didnt want to get my stuffs from Osim @ NEX, because the STAFF SERVICE SUCKS.
When we said we'd consider getting the items, the cheena staff gave us this fked-up look and was so unhappy.
Seriously, no way am I letting you have the commission - check your service attitude pls.

We travelled all the way to Plaza Singapura because I had extra capland vouchers.
I won't say the service there was excellent because the moment we went in, they knew I was buying.
But, the male staff was rather patient in explaining some of the functions of the massagers.
In the end, we went home with the following items:

1. uCozy

2. uPebble

3. uRelax

All for $298.
I won't say it is cheap, but it is definitely more affordable than getting a $3k massage chair; and cheaper getting it as a bundle rather than separate items.
The price may drop in the near future, but at the very least, my parents are utilising it now.
When we came home with the items (mind you, "we" had to lug them back - poor bf and bro, I didnt have to lift an inch hehe), my dad complained that we were wasting money.
Major roll eyes.
But bf said my parents would be secretly pleased that I bought these for them.
It's just a small gesture on my part - I believe these are useful for them especially since they're growing old, with weaker bones and stiffer muscles.


It has only been 1 day of use, but I'm not quite complaining.
The massages are quite enjoyable.

The only thing I'm peeved about is that the uRelax has these little strings that came out!

And, there are more appearing as I speak. I've feedback to their customer service, so I hope they'll get back to me regarding this.
Not a major problem, since this is just cosmetically ugly.
Will update again if there're more problems with the 3 items.
After all, we only used it for less than a day! :O

Their customer service sucks. They did not get back to me on FB although they promised to.
Since it's a minor problem, I'll just ignore this.
Anyway, my family started using less of it. -.-
Talk about law of diminishing "usage"

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  1. Hello! I am thinking of buying this set for my bf's birthday. Could you advise if the uses of the uRelax and uCozy are as they are advertised? Appreciate your reply :)