Kok Sen restaurant

So, for Dad's 60th birthday, we brought him to kok sen restaurant (I'd very much like to call it KOPITIAM) for tze char.
Nothing fanciful and that's how we like it.
6 people, 6 dishes and $106.
Why didn't I think of buying 4D numbers?

Before you judge and cringe at my photos, please note that I used the Samsung Note 2 for it.
Dear bf forgot to bring his DSLR out, but it's ok, I still love him.

I'd suggest calling them for reservation, because it was crowded when we head there on a Saturday (6pm).
Luckily, we managed to get a seat, but man, it was hot!
Also take note if you're driving, getting a parking lot is a killer.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Alright, the first dish was amazing.
I'm very sure my photos don't do justice to it, but this tofu was so good with the rice.

My dad loves the curry fish very much. In his words, the fish was one of the freshest he has ever eaten.
Me? Not a fan of curry fish, excuse moi

Typical kangkong - not as nice as what my mom cooks

Bitter gourd pork was average to me.

This last dish was recommended by the lady boss who said their roasted chicken is a special on weekends. 
I really love the crispy skin but not much about the meat. This is just passable.

Overall, a decent dinner which is really affordable.
However, I very much prefer Keng Eng Kee which I'd been patronising since young.

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