Saigon Lotus @ Marina Square

It's been long since I last stepped into Marina Square
(Note to self: MUST TRY LADY M)
Anyway, it seems like their dining place had been renovated.
The whole place was rather unfamiliar to me, but at the same time, it was exciting to see different new stores.

We headed to Marina after battling a few hours at the IT Fair.
This year's IT Fair at Marina Bay Sands was better than Expo's, IMO - less crowded.

Back to Saigon Lotus.
By the time I had dinner, it was 9pm.
I needed something comforting and soupy.
Vietnamese food is it.
Ever since I tried Nam Nam (, I was hooked.

I'm more inclined towards Asian cuisines than Western.

We ordered this set menu which costs around $17.
It comes with drinks, main and a side.
Chose Avocado drink although I didnt drink much haha. I should prob have tried their Viet coffee.
The Sliced Beef Pho was really comforting leh.
It tasted a little like the food I had in China (lol?).
I think the portion was rather generous with the slices of beef.
The soup taste somewhat like msg, but heck, it was rather delicious.
The pho to be was pretty good as well, taste like soft hor fun haha
PS: we dumped the below into the beef pho - is that how we're sup to eat? Should be la hor.

Added an additional ala carte dish.
If I'm not wrong, this is the dry Hu Tieu, a Vietnamese Pork Noodles soup with egg noodles.
I think we both preferred the soupy pho.
This taste like.....wanton mee with a little more msg?
It also taste similar to what we had in Bangkok (; the supposedly "famous" wonton mee there (got so delicious meh)

Not a bad meal.
Price was around $25 for 2.
Reasonable right, especially for a restaurant in Marina Square!

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