Bad review at Meiling Street Hong Kong Street Zi Char

One of the worst Zi Char I've ever eaten.
In terms of service and food standards.

My family went to Meiling Street, in search of the Hong Kong Street (Old Chun Kee), because my mom heard it from her colleague that the food is not bad.
Turns out my mum heard this a few years ago -___-
Wandered around and googled, and I found that the location was at:
158 Mei Ling Street #01-74

Headed there and saw that it was just a coffeeshop with a small stall selling zi char.
No customers, no hype.
Although the banner said Hong Kong Street, it wasn't the one I googled.
But, we were just lazy to walk any further...anyway, Meiling Street is a small neighbourhood
I guess the stall must have closed and replaced by the one we patronized.

Ordered 5 dishes - and the service was really slow.
waited 30 minutes just for our rice to arrive.
When our plates of rice came, there came a plate of pork ribs.
I was expecting food to be served quickly since there wasn't any customers except us.
Finished the pork ribs, and the second dish hasn't come.

 Pork rib was too tough, and tasted bland.
It wasn't pipping hot too, I really wonder what the cooks were doing man.
 My mum and I can cook better.
Truthfully, this smelled fragrant when it came to our table.
I love kang kongs, but I can't take too much because its very spicy.
Although this dish is spicy, it lacks flavour - really, you can tell, there's no effort or skills in cooking.
We didn't finish this - nobody wanted to eat after a few mouths

This is also a bad dish, it's not cooked!
I wonder why I didn't ask them to recook it - I just didn't want any quarrels, too tired.
The vegetables were hard, and the egg tofu smashed into small pieces.
Don't mind me, but this is WTF

Out of all the dishes, the curry fishhead was the BEST.
LET ME EMPHASIS- the best out of all our dishes, not the best curry fishhead I've eaten.
This pot was at least HOT.
And the curry, spicy.
The fish was average though - the flesh were really white, which means the meat didn't absorb much of the curry.
Well, I'm already trying not to complain
 Bad tasting butter cereal prawn as well.
Look at the color, it doesn't look appetizing.
All I can say is the prawns were just too salty; the cereals doesn't taste good either.

If I were to rate, it'll be 0.1 out of 5.

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