McDonald's and Far East Flora

After a night of BBQ, I was really tired.
My old bones.
Went out in the late morning for breakfast.
I miss McDonald's breakfast!
But the irony is, every time after I finish my crave, I swear never to eat McDonald's again.
Always made my stomach churned uncomfortably :(

Had Macs at the Queensway Branch :)
Been long since I last went there.
Btw, Mac breakfast ends at 12pm during the weekends - good to know for the lazy bums

Went to the Far East Flora beside Macs.
It was like going into botanical gardens viewing flowers haha
Except, it was rather boring - head there if you need to buy your CNY plants!
No need to go there during this period for Valentine's flowers.
Didn't see anything that impresses BOO



May everyone have an enjoyable CNY :)

1 comment:

  1. WOW !!! amazing flowers !!! I recently placed some order from Far East and it was an amazing experience with them. Yeah Valentine's day is approaching and i am just waiting for my next order (hahaha ).

    Sean | far east flora coupon