Yum Cha @ Chinatown

Was enticed by the $1 offer at Sophie's Bakery and enthusiastically went to Tanjong Pagar for it.
The weather was super spoiling today.
Anyway, we made a few turns around (got lost) and found the bakery.
Damn, the coffees were sold out, except for a few buns
Really disappointed - I saw on twitter that macarons were included!
Grrrr, not my luck.

Random walked around and spotted Moo - Bar & Grill.
Again, being kiasu, I walked over after spotting the 1-1 offer!
Sadly the main courses were extremely expensive!
$30 odd dollars for a set, can you believe it?
I guess the 1-1 promo is the only thing that kept customers coming
Didnt see much people inside.
I did not try the food anyway - I don't mind, since 1-1 would meant around $20 for each, but I wasn't hungry.
That said, going to Tanjong Pagar wasn't a waste since I managed to see pretty nice scenery

Walked along the streets to Chinatown.
The rain, is sickening. 
And, there wasn't any Chinese New Year atmosphere today.
I remembered when I was young, and my parents brought us there, it was jam packed.
And, I felt like it was CNY!
Not this time - the rain perhaps spoiled businesses and our moods
Also, I guess I'm getting old for CNY, don't even know CNY is on sunday #whut

Settled my dinner at Chinatown.
 Ah Baling for $2 with 5 different flavours.

Just average for the mash potato and sausage.
I don't like the mash potato though, it has a weird smell and after taste.
Sausage was well...salty.

And then it was DIM SUM TIME! 
Been long since I last went to Yum Cha.
These are what we ordered

The food was decent, though not superb.
Anyway, 3 dishes already made me super full.
You decide if it's worth the $17.70!

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