KFC Breakfast, Ah Boys To Men 2

Fulfilling day today!
Met my boy for KFC breakfast
First time having its am breakfast, and it's only $2.95
Pretty affordable  

Headed to nex for movies, but there was something wrong with their theatre.
Went to ngee ann poly to collect some stuffs.
Kinda like the environment there, and it made me feel like I should really treasure my school life :(
But, I'm graduating soon...without much friends.
Never mind, at least I've found a wonderful partner :P

Went to CCK for movies.
Watched ABTM 2! Finally!
But I felt it wasn't as good as Part 1 - although I must say, it gave non-NS people like girls a peek into NS life.
My bf said there were some exaggerations, but it was pretty much similar to real life NS.
Cried at the scenes when the boys cried receiving letters.
My army brother would be receiving my letter soon too :')

 Had our dinner at Alexandra Village Food Centre again.
This time, I ate carrot cake!
$2.50 for a generous portion :)

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