A total disappointment - Kith Cafe

"I'm never coming here again (Kith Cafe)", I told my bf.
This was my second visit, with my first being there solely for drinks.
For one, there's the disappointing service.
Two, the taste of the food (at least for the spaghetti I've tried) was bad
Three, the price.

Service wise, I believe there's so much room for improvement.
Sat down and the waiters were busy chatting.
I asked for warm water, but was given a cool one instead.

Ordered the beef tenderloin spaghetti.

The first mouth of beef was good, but the spaghetti was a little too firm for my liking.
The whole taste was salty, salty and salty.
Subsequent mouth of the spaghetti made me question why I came to this cafe in the first place.
Also, the price of this pasta wasn't even worth my money.
Since this cafe included GST and service charge (why am I paying for the service?), the total cost of my pasta was $25.30.
Yup, please go somewhere else for a better-tasting dinner.

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