[ENDED] Mask giveaway + Must-buy skincare cosmetics from Korea

Doing a review on the skincare products I got from Korea.
Before flying to Seoul, I was trying to search for MUST buy skincare and cosmetics from Korea.
Yeah, was trying the easy way out since there were so many different stores and products, I'm not sure which are good!
Sadly, I couldn't find any good posts.
Decided I should do my own (obviously what I list are non-exhaustive) and share what I think are MUST buy items and GOOD to buy items !
Don't blame me if you don't like those products, after all, everyone have different opinions right?

Must buy

Must buy items are selected in terms of their affordability and/or effectiveness. 

1.  Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

This product is chosen as a MUST buy, mainly because it's so affordable!
This gigantic 500ml bottle is sure to last you long, and its only 15,000 won (cheaper if its during sale)
Typically, I'd use toner from drugstores which costs around the same price in smaller ml.
Plus, you don't have to worry about leaking toner since the design of the bottle allows fuss-free toner application.

However, don't expect this to be a miracle on your pores.
So far, my pores look pretty much the same - so does using other toners.
But I think it does a pretty good job in basic skincare routine!

2. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

Aiya, I don't need to introduce much about this. So many people swear by this product.
This seems like a must-buy for every Singaporean (kiasuism much, haha)
But really, its a worthy purchase.
My dad loves it (Say what?), my mom loves it - because their skin feels really hydrated.
I love it too.
The 80ml last me pretty long (since I'm not a frequent user).
Although I don't apply this every time before I go to bed, but when I do, my face feels smoother after application (it absorbs really quickly).
2 years ago, I bought 4 bottles (3 for friends, and 1 for myself) at 25,000 won each.
2 years later, I bought 2 bottles for myself at 25,000 won each too. 

3. Innisfree CC cream

Can I shout out loud that "I LOVE INNISFREE"?
So happy that Innisfree is coming to Singapore - finally, but I'm sure the prices won't be as pocket friendly!
There are many reasons why I love Innisfree
  • the ambassador is Yoona
  • the brand associates itself as eco-friendly and natural
  • its packaging is cute and environmentally friendly using soy-ink
I remembered skipping happily into its flagship store in Shanghai, Nanjing Xi Lu, after falling in love with this brand in Seoul previously.
When I entered, what greeted me was its clean (white and green theme) look, and you can even hear birds chirping.
Okay, I digressed.

Bought the Innisfree CC Cream and find it really suitable for me since I've dull skin.
It was a new product when I bought it during May this year.
One effect of the CC cream is to brighten your skin tone, and I think Innisfree's did it for me.
The cream is purple in colour, and once blended into your skin, it creates a bright finish.
I swear by it now, and prefer CC over BB cream since I don't have pimples and what I want to achieve is to have brighter and natural complexion!
If I'm not wrong, it retailed at 18,000 won (and Innisfree seldom hold sales).

Good to buy items (not very effective purchases)

1. Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask

I've used this for around 3 times, using the sample packs.
Unfortunately, I don't see much difference; however it does remove sebum and I definetely experienced cooling effects after I washed it off.
That said, I didn't use lukewarm water to rinse off la - my steps were different from the above.
I used this clay mask right after I entered the bathroom and leave it on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off with running water.
Let me know if this product works for you, because it didn't help much for me!

2. NATURE REPUBLIC Natural Rice Bran Cleansing Cream

Bought this cleansing cream for makeup removal, and it disappoints.
According to the directions, 
"Apply moderate amount all over face and massage gently until make-up melts. Tissue off and rinse off."
Don't really feel its effect (probably because I didnt massage enough?).
Just yesterday, I used this, rinsed it off and applied my Its Saem facial cleanser.
When I thought my makeup was "fully" removed, the cotton wool with toner showed otherwise.
I used the toner to swipe all over my face and saw the brown foundation stuck on the wool, sigh.
Had to cleanse my face again before the makeup was removed.
I figured oil base makeup remover would be more effective for my face!

3. THE SAEM 95% Facial Soothing Big Brother Soothing Gel

Bought this over the other similar products purely because of its cheaper price (3300 won) + according to its packaging, it contains 95% compared to 92% for nature republic.
To me, this is a good to buy product (was thinking of putting this as a MUST BUY since its cheap), as it can be applied nearly everywhere.
When I was in Korea, I used this as a hydrating gel on my legs and arms.
After application, my skin felt smooth!
Not sure how much chemicals are in this product, but it does smell like aloe vera! 
For 3300 won, JUST BUY LA :D


Starting my very first giveaway for this blog, with 4 random masks from Korea to giveaway (i.e Etude House, Innisfree and more).

Realized I've too many masks at home, and I think sharing is caring!
One winner only. However, depending on the responses, I may give away masks as consolation prizes :)
Only people who follow ALL of the rules are entitled a chance to the draw.


  1. Follow my Twitter account:
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  3. Comment in this blogpost below on what is your BEST buy from Korea (it can be anything)? (Comments will be screened). Remember to include your name and email address so that I can contact you if you win :)
Giveaway ends on September 6, midnight.
The winner(s) will be notified via email on September 7!

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