Mini 1 day City Square Mall, Johore Guide

Graduation's over.
But, I'm still unemployed.
I find it fascinating (really so many found jobs meh!) as well as stressful, knowing that 7 out of 10 NTU graduates have already secured jobs.
Sadly, my friends and I haven't.
I guess I'm becoming a minority!
It's not like I'm not diligent enough in sending my resumes; I just need to luck :( & of course do well for interviews (why aren't I a good speaker?!)

Anyway, went to JB with my friends, all 3 of us are jobless (see how we match the 3/10 unemployed graduates?)
Was a rather fruitful day I say - beats staying at home facing my computer!

Here's what we or I do there:

1. Bornga Korean Restaurant
We headed there during lunch, and was finding food to eat when we saw this korean restaurant.
Don't think I saw this brand in Korea though, but apparently it's a famous Kfood chain in Asia
There's one at Star Vista, but I'm sure the prices here is cheaper.

Took their lunch deal, which allows us to order a 2 pax bbq meat, and it comes with a free meal (bibimbap or kimchi jiggae)
This was really worth it for 3 pax - I think we pretty much ate everything up, although there were still a little left here and there.
Gosh, I'm salivating as I type.
Loving their side dishes! I can say it taste authentic, having tried those in Korea.
Ordered samgyulpsal and galbi - we 3 preferred the galbi, although I'm a personal fan of samgyulpsal, it just didn't taste as delicious what I had in Gangnam,

2. Make your spectacles or contact lenses there
Another aim of mine to JB was to order contact lenses, after my usual lenses store at Queensway gave me unpleasant service.
I wish the boss would speak more kindly next time, but its okay, I'm going to buy my lenses elsewhere -> JB.
This is my first lenses purchase in JB.
It's cheaper than what I get in Singapore, but considering I live in Central Singapore, it's quite troublesome to get my stock over at JB.
But, I wouldn't say it is SOOOOO MUCHHH CHEAPERRRR; just, cheaper.
Unfortunately, the contact lenses that I wanted has to be ordered.
Guess I need to make another trip down to JB to collect them!
Will update if the lenses are similar to what I get in Singapore (which I presume it will be).
Service at the optical shop in City Square was decent too - got to measure my degree again since the last time I did it was 2 years ago.
It was a hassle-free experience, got out of the store within like 20 mins?
Anyhoo, my degree went up -.- especially astig :'(; the person told me that's because I face the comp more than 2 hours per day, and also I look at my phone during the night without lights on :X

3. KTV
Another affordable deal we got was singing K!
There's only one KTV in City Square Mall (I think); besides the cinema booking booth.
Oh, we wanted to catch a movie too, but chose KTV instead via scissors paper stone (haha, kids)

Our kdeal package was from 1 to 7pm (OMG), but we went at 2+ 3 and sang till 7.
They extended our singing hours till 8pm, but we decided to forgo it, since we needed to get back home!
Anyway, the deal includes tibits, 1 drink, and 3 snacks; it cost around S$12 per pax
The snacks were huge man!

4. Desserts at Xian Yu Xian
Our favourite store in Shanghai!
This is similar to Blackball in Singapore, and I think both standards are pretty on par.
Although, me thinks the one we had in Shanghai was THE BOMB.
Plus this was cheaper than Blackball!

5. Desserts at Xu Liu Shan
Have never heard of this before, but my friend told me its famous in Hongkong for its mango desserts.
Apparently they only sell mango related products?
We ordered a set called the Mango Romance, which...came in 3 small plates -.-
Not a fan of Xu Liu Shan, but the mango were not bad la, sweet!

6. Crepes
No photos taken because we ate as soon as we got it hot!
Hahah, crepes is pretty much affordable over here at City Square Mall.
You'll see it as soon as you enter, so remember to buy it!
Bought the chocolate banana (so boring) and I'm going to try the salty crepes the next time I'm there.

Till then!

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