Din Tai Fung - Breadtalk HQ, Tai Seng

I've so much love for xiao long baos that I MUST eat it once I see it
I've tried the "real deal" in Shanghai (had to queue so long, depending on your luck, for the famous xlb at Cheng Huang Miao), and it was really good :)

I've been to various DTF's branches, including the newly opened one at JEM (their ramen sucks man), and XLB is my must order.
Chanced upon DTF @ Breadtalk HQ, so we decided to queue for it.
Mind you, it was a 20 minutes wait - so weird for a ulu pandan place like Tai Seng, but then again, there's so many office workers there...and it was the lunch hour...

Here's my review, skip the mains and just order the XLBs and whatever dumplings they offer.
Our mains were so disappointing, the only dishes which made us WOOOO AHHHH were XLB and this Citibank discounted item called the "Spicy Chilli Crab Dumplings".
Me thinks, (and my bf thinks), the spicy chilli crab dumplings own XLBs.
Sorry XLB, the spicy chilli crab dumplings were better than you, simply because their juices were so damn yummy + they look prettier than you.
 10 xlb wasn't enough for us, because the mains didn't please haha
But I honestly thought Shanghai's XLB is way better, because they had more juice :D

Love this! It was at a discounted $5 plus for 4 of these.
Love the soup, wasn't spicy at all!

To be fair, our mains ought to show themselves too.
BF told me "their dan chao fan is really good la", so I ordered it.
Turns out, it wasn't so good leh, my bf said their standard dropped.
The rice were of course different from the Thai rice I've at home, but I didn't find the dish delicious.
However, the rice does look appetizing, being yellowy and know what I mean?

Didn't finish the plate la, because it wasn't that nice.
For $6+++, fry these at home man!

BF ordered the Dan Dan Mian.
The first mouth was so good, but subsequently I got sick of it.

Am currently sourcing out for XLB and Chinese food restaurants to bring my parents, for my first pay treat.
Well, I haven't receive any offers, but I can dream right? Haha!

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  1. The "dan chao fan" really looks like ordinary egg fried with rice. What I'd like to see is the authentic version where the rice is covered with egg yolk and turns yellow in color.