Penny University

IMO, this cafe is kinda overrated.
Sure it's cheap(er than others), but I don't feel like it was worth my visit.
That said, I didn't order any lattes from there la, so....perhaps their lattes would make it worthwhile?

Pardon the lack of pictures here, didn't bring the camera out, so I had to make do with Note 2.
Any good and easy to use compact camera to rec?

Ordered the Marmite toast with poached egg.

Oh my, it was soooo salty, I left a mouth of the bread on the plate :X
I love Marmite when I was young, I love it in my porridge and on my toast.
But this was soo salty, I just couldn't stomach it...furthermore, the toast was pretty small.
Bf had a bite of it and cringed - Marmite isn't his thing (he's like a frog in a well, he has never ate Marmite before. Huh?!)
Poached egg was normal, and the salad, kinda meh since there wasn't much dressing.
IMO, this plate costs me $4.50 simply because the portion is really small.
But I shan't complain further since it's comparatively cheaper compared to what other cafes price!

Bf ordered the earl grey tea, which I thought he should have just brewed it at home -.-
I was rather intrigued with the pot la, haha, simply because you can brew the tea for 2 minutes before pressing the button to release the tea down.
Okay, I guess there's no need for my explanations

Ordered a slice of coffee choc cake at $4.50

It was a really thin slice, don't expect it to be a generous portion.
Felt that the cake had quite some different tastes to it: the top coat was chocolatey, hence it was sweet; the centre and the bottom of the cake was rather salty.

Another downside was the lack of 3g and Singtel connection.
Felt as if like I was in Malaysia; no idea why the connection was that bad.
Luckily there was free wifi for me to tap on for instagram.

Headed to I12 Katong after that, which was quite some distance away.
Spotted the famous Katong Laksa with a picture of Gordon Ramsy too.

Well, would probably not head to Katong area so soon since it's inconvenient for me!

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