Keng Eng Kee Seafood, Alexandra Village (琼荣记海鲜)

Located at Alexandra Village (near Queensway Shopping Centre), Keng Eng Kee restaurant has been frequented by my family for years.
The people there know my extended family rather well.
After eating here for so many years, I can safely say the food standards are maintained.
This restaurant has been on numerous newspaper articles, and even on the television.

My family and I went back there again recently to "celebrate" my graduation.
Here are some of the dishes we tried:

1. Fried you tiao
This is our MUST ORDER.
Couple this with their mayo sauce and it's so heavenly.

2. Pig liver - not for the faint hearted
My bf calls me disgusting when I profess my love for pig liver, my gfs gave me dirty looks when I told them pig livers are delicious.
You know, its hard to find pig livers cooked well - either they're too hard or too soft.
But here, the pig liver were done REALLY WELL.
My mom often buys pig livers to cook at home - sometimes she cooks it well, sometimes it gets too hard. So I would like to think, it's a matter of timing and skills to present a good pot of pig livers.
After all, these are good in iron (I really need them).

3. Coffee pork ribs

 Meh, not a fan of this. Idk why my parents always order it.

4. Beancurd - meh

 My brothers love it, not me!

5. Sweet sour fish - meh
Not a fan of the sauce but the fish was decent.

6. Cuttlefish kangkong - not bad
Cuttlefish were cooked really well, it was soft and chewy to a reasonable extent.
It was kinda like eating a harder form of jelly!
But the kangkong today wasn't as good as what I had before.

7. White Hor Fun 

Didn't touch this since I was too full.
But should be decent I guess.

Overall, a satisfying meal, which costs less than $100 for 7 pax

To get here:
#01-136, 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1

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