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Yesterday was really a long day.
Went to so many places and my ezlink card now has only $2 left -.-
Had a job interview in the morning, which I know it'll be unsuccessful.

Decided to cheer myself up with Blackball at Star Vista!
Had Manhattan fish and chips since there was the $3.99
But with any cheap deals, you know there's gotta be a long queue.
We chose to take the takeaway (no service charge) but had to wait more than 1/2 hour :'(
I got the usual fish and chips while my bf ordered the grilled dory.
My food choices are always wrong -.-; I like the garlic rice of the grilled dory! YUMZ

We then headed to town, since I need to get my sunglasses from Forever21 for my BALI TRIP.
I'm flying on Monday, will be blogging about my trip and the awesome luxurious villa I'm staying in \O/
Town is pretty boring for me, I don't have much things to buy there except food.
Anyway, the construction work there gives me headache, don't ask me why!

Both of us decided we had enough of walking, and headed to Dean & Deluca!
Should have came here for my lunch, since they had quite a lot to offer.

My bf was talking to me about the new coins at F21 and it was with a stroke of luck that we managed to get the new 20 cents coin from Dean & Deluca hehe
This is the Marbled Chocolate Shake with Banana and Marshmallow; I thought the banana and marshmallow would be in solid forms but apparently everything was mashed together lol
Taste just like banana drink; I guess the banana flavour was too flavourful!

Since I didn't finish my manhattan chips, which I thought wasn't very delicious, I was so hungry.
Went back to the usual Korean food at Concorde foodcourt which I've dine at multiple times.
For my previous review of Kim Dae Mun click here
Bf told me we'll be going to Chomp Chomp for late dinner, so I didn't order any Korean set meals - WHICH I REGRET!
Bought this potato pancake at $4, and it made my stomach feel bad (N)

Please get their usual meals instead of this!
While I won't say their food is delicious, it is cheap - considering the location is in town.

After which we headed to Chomp Chomp.
Sorry, no photos here haha, I forgot to take photos since I was so hungry.
Anyway, chomp chomp like always is filled with people, & smoke
We ordered sugarcane drinks which came in huge cups, hao jian, stingray, bbq chicken wings, kangkong with rice, carrot cake, popiah etc
The total price came up to $70 :O

Headed to Ice Cream Gallery after that.

It was my first time there, and I must say the icecream is really not bad
We got their D24 single scoop and regretted not getting a waffle or cone.
Anyway the D24 icecream was awesome, i love durian, and the icecream tasted so real with bits of durian flesh :)

Other flavours my friend tried were rum and raisin, sea salt caramel and chocolate.
All were good I guess!
Those who love icecream should really head to the Ice Cream Gallery!

242C Tanjong Katong Road 
Singapore (437030)
[Beside famous Punggol Nasi Lemak and Hong Kong Street Restaurant]
Opening Hours
Sun - Thurs: 12noon - 10:30pm
Fri & Sat: 12 noon - 12 midnight
Contact details
Tel: 6348 6535

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