Bali 3D3N Rejuvenating Trip - Day 1 at The Bale, Nusa Dua

Courtesy of Small Luxury Hotels, I went on a 3 days 3 nights stay at The Bale, a luxury villa listed as the Top 5 hotels in Nusa Dua.
It was an abode for 3 days, I miss that place now that I'm back home! :(

Took Mandala Tiger Airways which I got the tickets at a steal on the 8th july :)
Our flight was at 12 noon, but we had to reach early for check in.
Woke up at 7.30am and left home at 9pm to reach the airport at 10!

Mac breakfast is a MUST for me!
At Changi Airport
And, yes, I've reached Denpasar Bali!
Had to take a shuttle bus out to the arrival terminal entrance
Unfortunately, their bus was full and we had to join the crews on their bus - we had to wait soooo long for the crews to come.
Thankfully, we didn't check in our luggages so we didn't need to wait for our luggages
And here it is: the Bali International Airport
Doesn't it look like a shopping street?
Lots of restaurants on the aisle, prices are decent, at least for Singaporeans.

Upon arrival, we spotted our driver who was the nicest person we met in Bali :')
Since the Bale offers free private car transport around Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa, we were able to go to quite a few places.
Everytime we met our driver, he'd give us a very friendly smile hehe
That's what I call good service!

I was admiring the beautiful blue skies; not sure if you can see - this ongoing construction is for a new airport that's stated to be done by the end of this month!
A man who took the private car with us told us it's impossible for it to open hahah.
Anyway, these constructions are for the upcoming APEC Summit where world leaders would meet for conferences.
Hopefully the new airport will be done by then!
It looks pretty by the way!

I've to highlight the quality service Balinese offers.
In our private car, our driver dished out a fruit plate and wet napkins for us; there's also bottles of water and cookies for you to enjoy on your ride to the villa.

Once we reached the villa, I was greeted by the concrete jungle.

I can't say the villa embodies Balinese culture, because it's contemporary looking.
Luggage were pulled into the villa by the butlers and check in is also done in the comfort of your villa.

I can't tell how pleased and lucky I am to get a Double Pavilion, although I ordered a Single.
Actually, there isn't much difference, because we're only given access to one pavilion.
The perk of this free upgrade was just...well, bigger space for you to oogle on the daybed.
More on that later :)

Welcome to my villa 16&17 (for 3 nights)!

Well, according to my butler, my room is one of the best, because we can see the ocean
And then he pointed to this tiny part at the corner of the villa.
Hmm, here's the ocean view for you - I had to climb up the daybed to see the ocean.
This villa would have been much more awesome if it overlooks the sea.
Unfortunately, while the location is near to Geger beach, it doesn't overlook any ocean.
Take note of this if you want a place near the ocean, because The Bale may not be for you.
Not sure if you can tell, but I was trying to take the view of the ocean, only to be blocked by this tree :(
On the other hand, the tree is pretty special, anyone knows the name of it?

That said, The Bale is a place for couples to relax in, free from the hustle and bustle of city life.
There're not a lot of occupants, and most of the time, it really just feel like you're alone.
Staff are seen around the villa greeting you with "Halo" and a smile.

Free tonic drink + soda = sour fizzy drink
Didn't spend much time on the TV though, but my bf did.
A few times, he was focusing all his attention on the movies than on me pfft
I went to borrow a few music disc to play so it sets us in a relaxed mood
Ah~ I love such indulgence!

Complimentary local fruits, but I just didn't like them :(

By the time we settled into the villa, it was around 5.30pm-6pm.
Didn't get out of The Bale, both of us just wanted to chill.
Had a bubble bath before going for dinner \O/

For our dinner, we decided to dine at The Faces restaurant.
Expensive, I must say, for 2 plates of Indonesian food.
The restaurant had only a few guests, payment was made only when you checkout, so all we had to do was to tell them our villa number.

2 dishes and 1 plate of rice to share for SGD50 odd.
I guess we're paying for the service and ambience!
Food was decent, I particularly love the fish green curry!

Then we took a stroll to check out the facilities in The Bale, nothing much actually.
 The library
 Then it was back to my abode!
Love how pretty the mosquito net look surrounding the bed :)
We decided to end the night.

Unfortunately in the middle of the night it started to rain really heavily, which kinda scared me because of the loud noises made.
When I woke up at 5 in the morning, what greeted me was these:

Quite horrible to see the rain seeping in to the villa.
Commented on this the next day but there wasn't much done, only to have them telling us to inform them if it happens again. Hmm.
Luckily there wasn't much of a problem for the rest of the nights we stayed in!

Stay tuned for Day 2!

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