Things I've learnt during unemployment

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Truth be told, I'm a fresh graduate - fresh meaning I've 0 years of full-time work experience, not including my internship and temporary work assignments.
If I were to count in these temp jobs, I'd have work for 7 years (yeah, I'm not young anymore).

I'm the Class of 2013, and I'll be having my convocation soon.
It's been 2.5 months since my last examination on 9th May, which marks the end of school, the end of examinations - I kid, I'd have thought I would say GOODBYE to tests, but guess what, I still have to go through psychometric tests, written essays, research work etc to get a job.
I have been jobless for 2.5 months, and I predict I could probably be so for 4 months ****

Here are some things I've learnt, and thought about during my unemployed crisis:
  1. Even if you start job hunting early, you may not get employed early - I guess its a matter of my poor luck, and the lack of job opportunities that entice me
  2. People with a lower GPA than you, may not fare worse - some of them secured jobs way earlier than me. Suck it up.
  3. Receiving many calls from employers does not mean good news - some of my friends got 0 calls from employers. To encourage them, I told them that I've received plenty, but look at where am I now?
  4. Going for many interviews does not mean you'd get a job - let me count, I've been to almost 8 interview sessions, including group interviews, panel interviews, psychometric tests. Most of which I'm eliminated in Round 1. 
  5. Some employers require employees with experiences, but claims to "welcome fresh graduates" - I find this amusing. I've heard from some friends that their employers told them they're actually looking for people with a few years of experiences, If you don't want fresh graduates with 0 experience, why do you even call us down in the first place? 
  6. Even if you cry, nobody can help you - I've cried a couple of times, sometimes due to jealousy (why are they employed, but not me?), sometimes questioning my caliber (am I that bad?), sometimes just blaming myself for the lack of luck. But no matter how hard you boo boo in your bathroom, nothing will happen; you won't get a job miraculously. 
  7. Sometimes you get exasperated - after going through so many interviews, I question if the next interview would end up as nothing again. 
  8. Even if the employers look happy and praise you, don't link it to a success - I've employers who kept nodding and smiling with things I said. Giving compliments like "you're very active in school, that's good!" They give all sorts of confirmation, as if like they're going to employ you. Then a few weeks later, BAM - UNSUCCESSFUL.
  9. Don't give up despite your exasperation - there's no way I can give up. I need a job. I studied for 23 years just for this piece of degree to send me into the working world. There's no way these failures in job interviews can put me down!
  10. I feel useless, no more. SMILE - at the end of the day, life still goes on. When I woke up today, I felt so useless, because I had no aim. I felt useless because of many different thoughts: I can't talk well, I am not sociable, I don't look capable etc. But after writing this post, I felt a little more positive. SMILE. The employers don't and won't want to know how many interviews you've failed or been through. Give them a smile and hope for the best. 


  1. Don't get too upset =) I've been following ur post and really like ur insight. maybe... even if you don't get a full time job, u might become a full time blogger like a lot out there.

    and from what i understand, most jobs will be "released" after the companies gives out bonuses either in Dec, March or June. So..Don't give up!

    Dawn Cheng

    1. Hi Dawn, thank you very much. I would like to extend a virtual hug to you hehe.

      Well, to be a full-time blogger sounds like an idea, but I won't pin hopes on it :) this "market" is too saturated with too many pretty faces. Plus don't feel very comfortable always posting pictures of my face :P

      Thanks for your advice, yes, I will jiayou :) Hopefully I am update you with good news!