BALI 3D3N REJUVENATING TRIP - DAY 3 (The Bale, Tanjung Benoa beach, Conrad Bali, Hardy's, Bali Collection)

Hello, back for an update on Bali Day 3.

The day started with bubble bath (again) and our breakfast by the daybed.
Ah, how enjoyable.

 Diligent worker clearing up the leaves in our pool
After our breakfast, we took an hour or so to do a couple photoshoot LOL in our graduation gowns.
Applause please, for carrying our heavy gowns all the way there!

We left The Bale for Tanjung Benoa beach via our private car again.
 I think my photography skill is improving every minute :P

1. Tanjung Benoa beach

Tanjung Benoa, near Nusa Dua, is a popular destination for doing water sports.
While I did imagine myself parasailing and diving, we didn't do any of the sports in the end lol
I must say, the people there are not pushy touts who demand you to get water sports packages from them
When we politely declined their invitation for price quotations, they were nice enough to say Thank You.
See, many Balinese are polite and friendly people :)
 The beach feels like ours again - near empty
And then it was "photoshoot" time again hahaha
Took lots of photos by the beach :)
I really love the serene vibe there. I felt that the sand is much finer than Nusa Dua & Geger beach

Pick up some seashells by the beach to bring them home - which are now lying in my musical box -.-
♫she sells seashells on the seashore
 Spotted a really cute cloud, can you tell what it looks like?

 2. Strolled along the beach to Conrad Bali

Spotted this infrastructure which is known as the infinity <3
Seems like a good spot to get your marriage vows in!
It'd be soooo romantic!
 Decided to head into the Conrad restaurant for snacks because, like always, I'm easily hungry.
 We were sitted in a pavilion by the sea \O/

Ordered the snacks from the kids menu because we had to go for dinner soon.

Free buns on hot pebbles = cool!
 Mango smoothie for my man
 Fried fish slices and salad for the kiddy me
 Total damage: 169400 rupiah (SGD 21) - not cheap, choice.

3. Hardy's supermarket

Prior to my Bali trip, I saw reviewers talking about this Hardy's supermarket at Nusa Dua.
They said it was the largest supermarket/shopping centre there.
So we asked our driver to send us there - told him we needed 1 hour to shop.
In the end... it was an ultimate waste of time. Should have told him to pick us up within 1/2 hour.
Within 15 minutes I was bored.
I'd prefer Bali Collection's Coco supermarket.
Fruits and veggies for sale.

 Got tired and sat down while waiting for my bf to buy his stuffs -.-

4. Bali Collection - Ocean restaurant

Headed here for dinner.
I wasn't feeling very well that day, and didnt have a full dinner (probably quite full from my snacks at Conrad)
Since my bf wanted grilled seafood, we came here!

 I had the hot chocolate cake which was kinda bad, and look at that puny pathetic strawberry! :'(
The service was not bad though, and they offers free cars to send you back to your hotel.
We declined since we already had our mode of transport.

5. The Bale - Welcome Spa

Ended the night with a 15 minutes welcome spa at The Bale.
Pretty decent, except that it was lesser than 15 minutes! Hmph.
This was the only photo I took, look at the ready smile hehe
Sadly my bf got this staff to serve him, mine didn't look as friendly though

And then, it was back to my villa/home.
Had instant noodles - popmie again, in different flavour.
I prefer what I had on Day 2

  Bored kids playing monopoly deal!
 And truth or dare - which is soooo boring for 2 people.

That's the end of Day 3.
Till then~

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