Bali 3d3n rejuvenating trip- Day 4: The Bale, Airport, Prada Bar and Restaurant

It's been 2 weeks since I came back from Bali, how time flies.

The last day saw us waking up early to catch the last sunrise.
I talked about this previously that we didn't manage to catch any
1. probably because the villa is not at the right direction (SAD)
2. it was rather gloomy that day (SADDDD)

 Within a while, it looked like this:
Bad luck.

Anyway, we enjoyed our breakfast in the villa again.

 Bf had a swim the pool thereafter, while I enjoyed my mango smoothie by the pool.
Last ever chance :(

It was time to check out, since our flight was at 3pm.
I should have bought the later flight!
So angry at myself :( thought that it'd be better to come back early since there wouldn't be much to do in Bali.
But at least I could've enjoyed more time in the villa!
Too bad, time has already past.

The checkout process wasn't extremely efficient I must say.
We had to call the butler ourselves to inform them of check out; since I assumed they'll be coming as they confirmed our check out time the day before!
Also, we waited for quite a while at the lounge before our car to the airport arrived.
Sadly, the usual chauffeur was on leave, miss him!

Once we reached the airport, we decided to get our lunch.
Here, I made a mistake of wanting to check in first before our lunch, since I was worried we might be late.
Turns out their check in booth was not open yet, so we had to walk all the way back to the restaurant for our food.
Time wasted.
Settled into this Prada Bar and Restaurant for Bebek Garing (crispy duck).
 Bf's order
I ordered the Bebek Garing which was better than what I had at Mai Mai!

Lunch ended, and we swiftly went to check in.
While it was a rather easy process, it was NOT EFFICIENT at all
Loads of time spend waiting and queuing, I really hope when the new airport is in place everything would be good!
 Did you know you've to prepare 150,000 rupiah per pax in advance for the departure tax?
Luckily I did my research before hand!
You'll need to pass your departure tax here - see, queues again.

Unfortunately my Tiger air got delayed, which made me a little piss since I could have stayed longer at the villa!

And then it was home sweet home within 2.5 hours of flight.

Hopefully I'd get a chance to explore Seminyak and Kuta side of Bali the next time!

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