Wisma Atria - Heniu Teppanyaki & Starbucks

Boyfriend suggested the teppanyaki at Wisma Atria foodcourt for quite a few times when we were in town.
Decided to check out this place, since he said it was good and cheap.

Well, cheap maybe - compared to other food in town - but good? Nah.

There are different sets to choose from, with beef, lamb, pork or chicken.
Both of us chose the value set at $7.90++ which comes with a plate of meat, veggies, rice and miso soup.
I had the beef set, while my bf had the lamb set.
He commented that the beef was nicer than the lamb, but I thought the lamb tasted pretty good
HOWEVER, the aftertaste of the lamb was very strong - I'm sure I won't be able to stomach the whole plate of lamb meat. A little was still okay.
Anyway, all the items (miso, veggies and meat) were really salty. Big thumbs down.
 Ordered a cup of lemon barley to share, this costs $2.
PLEASE buy your drinks from somewhere else (in Food Republic) before coming here
This lemon barley is a con, haha, I thought it was homemade version (well, I assumed) but it tasted like the packet lemon barley from YEO'S wtf.

 The plus point for me was to watch the chef cook the dishes in front of me hehe.
Felt like a kid - I'm always intrigued by cooking shows!
Initially, they were cooking at other stations, and I was sulking about that.
Luckily one chef came over to do the dishes!

My aim to Orchard was to purchase sunglasses, but I didnt accomplish that today -.-
Saw a nice sunglasses at F21 @ 313 but when I was over at the Orchard outlet, I couldn't find the same design!
Argh, lazy to walk back to 313 though.

Since we walked so much today, we decided to sit down at Starbucks, using my free voucher (from starbucks tumbler)
I wanted to try the Green Tea Frappucino, but was having "women's problem", so I chose a hot drink.
Settled for the Green Tea Latte
And, as a green tea fan, I really dislike the green tea latte at Starbucks!
Learnt my lesson - I should just order coffee related drinks there instead of green tea :(

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