Haze woes

Cranes standing above an apartment complex under construction are visible through a heavy smoke haze in Singapore June 18, 2013. Air pollution in Singapore and Malaysia rose to unhealthy levels on Monday thanks to illegal forest clearing in Indonesia, prompting Singapore to advise people against staying outdoors for long and to urge Indonesia to do something to stop it.     REUTERS/Tim Wimborne   (SINGAPORE - Tags: ENVIRONMENT BUSINESS CONSTRUCTION)

The haze problem in Singapore has been ongoing for years.
I remembered back in 1997, when I was in Primary 1, Singapore faced serious haze issue.
If I did not remember wrongly, there was no school during then too?
And guess what, the record breaking PSI haze back then was (only, compared to now) 252.

However, the PSI readings these few days easily broke that.

It's been a few days since the haze - precisely because of a lack of wind (to blow the haze away) and also rain, the haze is still lingering around.
Unfortunately, it has infiltrated my house - MY DAD OPENS ALL WINDOWS citing the lack of air
Seriously, I don't understand their logic - the air outside sucks, opening the windows will make it worse right?
Worst, our 3 bedrooms house has only 1 aircon; in the master bedroom.
I'm forced to hide in my room, with windows closed.
My windows has been closed ever since the haze got serious - and the fan is on at the max speed.

This morning when I woke up, I opened my door to the kitchen to brush my teeth
GOD. The smell was unbearable.
You see, when the haze linger in the air for too long, it gets smellier.
We're unable to cloud-seed because the meteorological station says the conditions aren't desirable for cloud seeding.
Furthermore, it is expected that the haze may continue for months, with the dry conditions in Sumatra!
I am having difficulties breathing, and my eyes are itching :(
I wonder if I'll step out to see a doctor to treat these haze-related issues, because exposing myself outside right now, seems like a stupid decision.
I really hope things will turn better because there are too many elderly and the young, or even the poor who may not even have a fan!
Saw so many immature comments online and I realized many of them are well-to-do enough to own AIR PURIFIER (what, I don't even have it at home - vacuum cleaner I have la), ON AIR CON WHOLE DAY (my house only got 1 small aircon unit lor, I don't even get to use it), WEAR N95 MASKS (out of stock, so nobody in my house is wearing it, but we do have simple masks) etc.
So, please appreciate what you have and don't complain anymore.
There are people having it much worse, and no, I think I'm lucky enough already.
Anyway, I'll be heading to Bali Nusa Dua on 8th July.
I'm not sure if Bali is affected (google shows it isn't), even that, what if the airplanes are not able to fly off on that day?
I'm taking Tiger airlines, and we know budget airlines are........untimely, mostly.
I'm praying hard that the weather conditions will improve by then!
I've already booked my villa - sneak peek for you guys:

(and if I cancel it, it'll be forfeited, DAMN)

Right now, I don't know how it is like having normal air in Singapore anymore.
I believe Singaporeans should not take fresh air for granted.

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