Astons - Bugis+

I think everyone should be pretty familiar with Astons, a Western dining place that charges NO GST or service charge (you could also think of it as both charges are already included in the food)
However prices for their food is really reasonable - no wonder the restaurant always see brisk business!

Suggested to go Astons today at Bugis+ and my bf had the cravings too.
Since I'm losing blood (LOL), I decided to order the Prime Sirloin.
Haha, I always think beef gives the most iron - not sure if it's true though!
The Prime Sirloin costs $14.90, with 2 sides.
I chose the onion rings, which I love, and their House salad!
The steak came in medium - the last time I ordered, it was medium rare, and there were too much blood for me, and my mum kept nagging that I should eat it cooked!
Before I went, my mum reminded me to get the beef cooked well. LOL, my mum is a darling.
Sadly, the steak didn't impress today.
I've to say, its visuals were good - look at the grilled lines, but on the first bite, the meat was too tough.
The mushroom sauce was too diluted, onion rings which I love tasted below-average.
The only passable item was the House salad - I LOVE VEGGIES :)

For my bf, he tried the lemon chicken, which we thought tasted better than my steak.
It costs $8.90 with 2 sides - he ordered the mac & cheese and potato wedges (talk about boring LOL, joking)

Not much comments for the wedges, but the mac&cheese needs to improve.
The cheese tasted so diluted, it shouldn't be called mac & cheese, but mac & water.

Overall, passable experience there.
But be prepared to wait for 15 minutes during lunch hours!

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