En Dining Japanese Sushi @ Millenia Walk

Finally got to mark off the sushi buffet at En Dining from my schedule book!
I've been wanting to treat my bf a sushi meal here.
With my 1 for 1 coupon from The Entertainer Book, this buffet deal was made more attractive!

I've to say, I'm not a big eater.
Buffets are not my kind, because I don't eat a lot - I can eat a lot of small meals though.
This buffet costs me around $60 for two - mind you that's after 1-1 discount! :O
So, if you think you can eat really well, I suggest heading here.

The plus point is that the staff here are REALLY FRIENDLY.
I have to give 2 thumbs up for their staff service - all the 3 staff who served us were so nice!
It's things like these that makes you appreciate and want to come back for more!

The cons is that the menu isn't really extensive - food were actually pretty limited.
Usual japanese food like eels, soft shell crabs were not seen in the menu.
But you can expect beef and pork (WHY DIDNT I EAT IT) shabu shabu and really fresh sashimi!
Anyway, let's get the photos started for you to see what we ordered!
cold appetizer
one of bf's favourite - i thought it was average

this was too hard for my liking. (N)

Yeah, we're pretty small eaters - especially for me haha.
Truthfully I didn't feel very full, but I just couldn't stuff more food into my stomach.
For my bf, he said he was "to my brim" already.
He kept complaining that both of us should never ever go for buffets, because he's the one eating what I don't want to eat :P
Yes, that's how he'll get FAT.

To end off, here's my OOTD :)
Shoes from Rubi
Black skinnies from uniqlo
Houndstooth peplum top bought in Bugis
Black bag from Seoul (love this cute bag that only cost me $11! will post its details soon)

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