Seoul 2013 - Shinchon Hostel

We stayed in Shinchon hostel throughout our stay in Seoul.
I have to say, the staff there are really friendly :)
Don't worry about language problems because they're staff who can speak English, Chinese, Korean and I think even Malay!

We stayed in 3 different rooms during then.
The first room we stayed in was a rather big room for 4 people - with a bunk bed and a double bed.
Beside it was the bathroom.
The second room we tried was after we came back from our Yongsan spa trip. It was located on the 4th floor.


  1. friendly staff that makes your stay enjoyable
  2. affordable price
  3. offers free but simple breakfast such as eggs, ramen, green tea, coffee and toast
  4. Clean
  5. Near to Ewha station and shopping alleys
  6. TVs in our double bedrooms

  1. Small rooms 
  2. Windowless - the only windowless room was the 4 people room at level 1. Other than that, our double bed rooms for 2 pax had windows, so this wasn't a problem. Just that, it felt kinda stuffy in the windowless room
  3. stale and stuffy air (that's why you need the windows :))
  4. Lift starts at 2nd floor, so it may be a problem for you to carry your heavy luggage up. But with my strong bf's help (lol), I needn't lift a finger

A pity I DID NOT take any photos of our rooms -.-
Obviously my bf didn't help either - so there's no photos to show.
But I'll get the photos from the internet then

This is the signboard that greets us and direct us here!
Shinchon hostel is a rather near walk from Ewha station.
I said rather because, it is TEDIOUS for me while lugging my luggage down and up the slopes :(

So here's the info counter where the friendly staff are at. You can ask them any questions including travel destinations and they'll be there to help

from asiarooms
These are the breakfast you'll get for free:

Where you'll seat for your breakfast
shinchon facebook
The clean shared bathroom I used on the first few days (because our room didn't have its own toilet - but it wasn't a worry beside this toilet is JUST beside us hahahahah)

Don't expect too much from the rooms because it's just a very functional area (that is not exactly aesthetically pleasing).
However, the beds in the 3 rooms I stayed were decent.
Do note that the air in the room can sometimes be a little smelly, but just let some air in and it'll be fine
Twin Room
Family Room

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