Zalora First Time Buyer - The Experience + Exchange Process

I've been browsing through Zalora for the longest time, but never got down to buying anything from them.
It's not like I don't see anything fanciful, it's just the price.
Some of the clothes are nice, but I'd rather buy them outside which could be cheaper:/
So, when the sale season started in line with GSS, I knew I had to buy something, ONLY if the item was worth the price!

I've to say I'm not a shopaholic, and I can definitely control my spending very well :P
During the GSS season, I bought quite a number of stuffs - some discounted, some not (but at a decent price).
Things like bras, clothes, watches etc can be bought while the sale season is on!
Haven't bought any shoes from Singapore though.

Anyway, I've been eyeing on this dress in Zalora for a few days.
Floral Block Skater Dress from Something Borrowed

I asked my bf and my brother if it looks nice, but both said it was soso.
However, I just couldn't keep my eyes off it - and the price was not bad too!
I mean, typical blogshop dresses cause around $28-$33 these days right.
But this dress costs only $18 (excluding shipping) teehee.
I've been loving floral designs recently, (okay, let's not talk about me following the trends), and have loved block designs long ago.
I think this dress is pretty decent for its price don't you think so?

And, because there's free delivery only if you spend more than $30, I decided to source for another item!
Came across this shoe from Koumi Koumi, and I thought it look pretty cute hehe
Qabil Glitter Flat
People who know me knows I love anything glittery, especially shoes haha!
Sometimes my bf goes horrified by my shoe choices (my TOMS shoe used to be gold glittery)
Unfortunately, there wasn't my size (EU35) in black glitter, so I settled with these grey ones!
This pair of shoes reminds me of what I wore when I was a kid (I hope people don't laugh at me when I wear this out!)

Decided to cart them out and made payment this noon (23rd June, Sunday)!
Yay, easy peasy - but my money goes out fast as well lol
Hopefully these are good purchases!

According to Zalora, goods will be:
  1. Just received an email in the evening that my items are shipped out!
  2. Received an sms by TA-Q-BIN at 8.30pm with a tracking number. Bad thing is, it did not state when is the delivery time 
Surprise! Today (24th June), I received my parcel at 1030am!
Very impressed with the effiency, since this was my first ever purchase from Zalora.
Googled about Zalora and actually saw a couple of bad reviews in forums, so I was praying mine had no problem - thank God.
Free coupon with any purchase of shoes! 
Won a $10 voucher :)

I've to say I'm rather pleased with my purchases.
The shoes were decent, just a tad too loose for my skinny feet, and not exactly comfortable.
As for the dress, it was true to the picture.
The quality of the dress was rather good - thick and not filmsy.
But again, it was a little bit loose for me because I'm too skinny.

Generally, my first purchase in Zalora was an awesome one - hassle free!
Will be buying again (using my voucher ;))
    UPDATE (25th June)
LOL, just one day after I received my package, I bought something from Zalora again :(
This time round, in order to utilize my $10 voucher, I decided to cart out an elastic white pants!
Thus, I only paid $10.20 for it (inclusive of $3.90 shipping)!
Not a very wise move, but I've nothing else to buy to reach free shipping!
Pretty impressed with the quality of "Something Borrowed", hopefully the pants is a good buy!
27th June, 7.30pm

So I just collected my pants.
Don't think the delivery this time was via Ta-q-bin, but rather by their own delivery team.
Anyway, I'm still impressed with the efficiency!

However, the pants wasn't flattering to my figure boo

That sums up my second experience purchasing from Zalora! Yay!
3rd July

Just found out that my dress has a black line that could not be erased even after I tried rubbing it with a little water.
Decided to email the Zalora customer service about this matter.
The next day, I got a call from their staff apologizing for the matter, and they asked if I wanted a refund or exchange.
Since I thought the dress was rather pretty (although unflattering on my body :[), I decided to do an exchange.
We set the exchange on 2nd July 9am-12pm.
UNFORTUNATELY, the courier didn't come on time!
And it so happens that I need to rush out to meet my bf for our graduation gown fitting.
Called their customer service at 12.10pm, and asked if the courier is coming soon.
I have to say the guy's accent was a bit too strong for me to comprehend what he was saying, but I did try my best to understand.
I spend like 15 minutes telling him my email address for him to check the process, and he kept repeating my query, and so I had to keep repeating that "I just need to know when the courier is coming, if he's coming soon, I can wait a while. If not, it'll be best to schedule it tomorrow?"
After that he said he'll get back to me via email on whether the courier is coming or not =.=
So I decided to just heck and went out.
Before that, I submitted an email to them and told them I can't wait, and asked for a reschedule.

Until today, I've yet to see any email from the guy, who promised to update me what time the courier is coming LOL.
Never mind about that - my exchanged item came today at 12+
It was FUSS FREE, kudos to Zalora team!
11 Feb 2014 edit:

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