Review: Plus! BigDeal He@venly Cutz Hair Colouring Deal

$29.90 for Shiseido Hair Coloring + Intensive Hair Moisturizing Treatment + Wash + Blow Services @ He@venly Cutz, Orchard!

14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza 
#05-65 Singapore 228213

With my previous post on Exchange Hair Salon at Plaza Singapura hitting 700 views, I believe many people are searching for reviews on the coupons they have bought!
I would say the previous deal was a success.
This time round, I bought a similar deal through
And here's my review.

Went to the shop at Far East Plaza today.
I must say, I was shocked to see its small scale - my friend's initial reaction was, "OMG, look so cui (lousy)"
I was praying that my hair would turn out fine.
Unfortunately, it was quite a horrible job done.

The Good:
Rather convenient location in Town.
Cheap compared to hair dye sessions without deals (but my previous deal was even cheaper)
Quite comfortable when the staff washed my hair for me LOL
The staff is a rather gentle (but inexperienced) lady; very quiet too cause we didnt talk - but that's okay, I dont mind keeping quiet too
haha! mosaic their faces to protect their privacy :P
The Middle:
Always be prepared for additional charges that they recommend to you.
Likewise, the boss offered us treatment packages at extra charges.
Thankfully though, there isn't hardselling - so phew.
Boss is rather friendly - but lacks professionalism (which I'll explain)

Hair did not smell as bad as the previous time, but when I washed it just now, the water was purple in colour.
Well, I hope this is normal?

The Bad: 
  • We booked our appointment at 2pm and reached on time.
However, I waited for HALF AN HOUR before my hair starts to get dyed.
The reason? Because there are only 2 staff in the salon - the boss and his employee.
The boss is only in charged of hair cutting, while his poor employee is doing both my friend's and my hair.
So, my friend got her hair dyed for half an hour, before mine gets done.
Poor me, wasting half an hour of my time :(
  • According to the deal, it promises that it uses Shiseido products.
I'm not sure how true it is, because we don't usually ask the person what product he uses right?
But, I've a feeling its not - because he asks us to view the hair colour we want from Matrix book.
Frankly, I don't really care what product they uses as long the colour and the quality is there
However, if you state Shiseido, PLEASE follow with what you said.
  • Next, the deal also promises an "intensive Hair Moisturing Treatment".
I don't put much hope in thinking that the treatment is those kind which uses the steaming machine.
I roughly knew that the treatment would mean leave in conditioner before washing off.
True enough, it was.
HOWEVER, I would like to bring to your attention that, this so-called "treatment" should in fact be labelled as "conditioner" because when the staff put on the "treatment" for me, she washed if off INSTANTLY.
By right should let it set a while, no meh? So rush for what! :(
  • I talked about how the boss lacks professionalism in the above section.
The reason why i said this is because - according to the deal, it promises "Blow Services"
Well, unfortunately for my dear friend, SHE HAD TO BLOW DRY HER HAIR HERSELF.
lol, WHAT A JOKE?!
This is because the boss wanted to speed up the whole process, so "she and me can go out together, without having to wait for me."
So, there she was, obliging to blow dry her washed hair
This is the first time I see customer holding a blow dryer on her own. WTH
Okay la, since my friend don't really mind then I shan't bother.
If it was me, I'd say NOOOO (cause I don't know how to blow dry well -.-)
  • The whole hair dye session lasted only 1.5 hours.
It was a very hasty job done.
While I don't mind it lasting for 1.5 hours, I expected at least a proper hair dye job done.
Since I had quite a big patch of black roots growing out, I assumed the hair dye should properly cover it?
However, at the end of the hair dye session, my fringe and the crown of my hair is dark. zzzz
The boss only allocated like 20 minutes for the dye to set - also, he did not properly check if the hair dye is absorbed by my hair before rushing his staff to wash it off.
Typically, salon staff would use their hands to check if the dye is absorbed - for the boss, he merely look at my crown and decided, OK JOB DONE LO!

  • My face and hp became victims of the hair dye
I don't really blame the staff, but I do sense that she did not have much experience - or you could also say she was kinda bo chup?
When I asked for the towel to wipe the dye off my phone, my friend immediately whatsapp me and said she got stained by the dye on her face and on her handphone too
-___- and, no "sorry" was said.

The end result (BEFORE VS AFTER)
I asked for a lighter brown colour dye, but my request wasn't fulfilled.
My hair looks similar to my BEFORE photos, but under the sunlight, at least my crown of black hair has been covered (although, it is still darker than the rest of my hair -.-)
:'( here's the proof - I'm not lying! It's very obvious that it wasn't a good job done!
And guessed what the boss said?
"It's normal, since it's at the part of my new-grown black roots"
How can I rebuke? Didn't want to quarrel nor ask for a redo (doubt he will oblige)

GOT DIFF MEH? (ok la, a bit lor)

Do let me know of your experiences there by leaving your comments below.
Meanwhile, you can decide if you wanna proceed with the deal purchase!
For me, once is enough haha - I can only say, be prepared to get such services for the price you pay!


Wrote a complaint email to Bigdeal regarding this matter, and the staff said they'll revert back the findings to me.
What a joke, till today (1month+ later), I've yet to receive any findings from them despite my email.
Never ever buying deals from them!


  1. Your hair is 2 tone. Really badly done.

    Did the deal refund you?

  2. Shit, i just bought the voucher... (cry)

  3. I jz experienced their such kind of SUCK service... which was purchased from deal..
    Same to me which is "NO FOR NEXT ..FOREVER"

  4. I jz experienced their SUCK service lo...
    I will never step into this saloon for forever....

    1. have you tried complaining to them? till now, big deal hasn't reply me.

  5. thanks for the review! i'm about to buy the voucher!

  6. I am planning to go to this shop this weekend as I wanted my hair to get rebonded. Thank God I searched online first before buying the voucher. I won't go to this shop anymore.

  7. I learn something new after reading ur review! To search for reviews before purchasing anything online!

    I did call and try to make a booking with them previously. And they told me fully book and ask me to find a date after 26/oct/2014. And i did call them again last week and they told me slot which is available is on the 7th.november.2014 - Friday which is today at 4pm and i was informed to come early by 15mins. And my hubby took LEAVE today. I took a half day too. When i reach home and received a msg and whatsapp from them saying that due to not enough staff they have to cancel my appointment today! SERIOUSLY IS THIS A JOKE OR SOMETHING? Omg! It is not easy for me to get a LEAVE! Gosh! And i did call them and no answer. An they did call me back and a guy who talk to me saying that few malay girls who work with them go AWOL! And they got no choice and have to cancel my appointment! And they told me afew of their customer did make a refund too and they lost quite a lot. And ask me to rebooked an appointment or i can choose to cancel them too. I rebooked an appointment with them on this coming Tuesday. But was told that they will get back to me by tonight or by tomorrow morning of the slots available. I and my hubby was not happy with this and decided to find reviews on their saloon! Heartbreaking to read reviews here and to find out of all the comment from that saloon!

    I am really not happy! Should i cancel? As i am purchasing ta deals to get my hair rebond! Omg! I don't wish to get a bad service like this!

    They should at least stop the deals from going! And concentrate on all the customers that had purchase this deals! I just go online to and their promotion is still ongoing! This is totally wrong! I am really not happy with this!
    Make it stop!

  8. The boss of the salon burnt my hair! He is not a honest person.

  9. here's another potential customer saved by your review!!

  10. another potential customer saved by your review, thanks!

  11. phew..lucky i searched before purchasing!