Jeju 2013 - Food to Eat

Jeju, currently one of my favourite land in the world.
However, I can't say much about the food there.
To be honest, it was quite disappointing :(

AND, both my bf and I did not get a chance to try the BLACK PORK at all! :'(
Instead, we made a turn to a restaurant listed as NUMBER 1 in Jeju on Tripadvisor.
Sigh, I pasted the postal code on our itinerary just as a reference.
Not expecting to go there at all, because it was bloody expensive.
However, on that particular day, I was too tired from the drive around Jeju Island (haha, my bf is gonna kill me - he's the one driving, but I'm complaining?!),
and since we didnt know where to head for our bf just keyed in whatever was on the itinerary.
It was only when we were at Jeju City that I asked where we are heading to *facepalm*

1. Gwangwon Restaurant
Behold, the most expensive meal I had in South Korea. Even my korean friend was shocked to hear the price.
But I have to say, it was an experience - while the prices were luxurious, you'd expect the staff to be able to speak English.
Unfortunately, they don't, but they were really friendly in meeting our needs.
The moment we entered, we were greeted by staff at the concierge, and they asked if we wanted a room for privacy.
However, I declined - not sure why not but aiya never mind la

Throughout our meal, the staff would look at our table and teach us how to grill the meat.
But it was kinda uncomfortable having them constantly around LOL

Look at the prices below! We should have come during lunch period la FML.
It was so much cheaper! Read more to find out how much the whole meal cost :(
Ordered the marbled boneless short ribs
Here's the thing, I remembered I said I wanted 1 serving of this - however when they billed us, we were charged with 2 servings! (no wonder there was a lot of meat on the plate la T.T)
So, here goes a costly miscommunication!
 The next thing we ordered was the Yangmyeon galbi

Truthfully, the meat (mind you, it's BEEF) is of good quality la.
I mean, look at the marbled lines!
But for 2 students, this meal was :O
 The staff was helping us to grill every now and then.

Total damage: 90,000 won (2 servings of marbled beef + 1 serving of marinated beef)
But was it worth it?
I can safely say so, most of the time, people eat Pork BBQ instead of Beef BBQ, so this was quite a dining experience for us.
And really, we were extremely full after the meal - couldn't move much when I reached the hotel LOL
Sadly, because of this, we didnt get the chance to eat black pork bbq, since it was our last day boohooo
So guys, remember to try out the famous black pork bbq alright?
And, try heading to Gwangwon restaurant too - during lunch; or try to pronounce properly for 1 serving of marbled beef hahahah

2. Dongmun market

 Didn't see anything to buy at Dongmun except fruits and chocolates.
I should have at least bought some tangerines to try, but I didn't
Argh, I seriously think I'm one of the worst travellers around!
Anyway, we bought 5 boxes of Jeju Chocolates at 10,000won - a bulk of it lies in my fridge as of now -.-

Guess what I saw at Dongmun market!
What a sight -.- Sorry if you guys are offended by this, feel free to scroll down, just thought it was weird to see pig heads right in front of the stalls.
There were quite a few stalls having these pig heads outside!

Since there wasn't much food to eat in Dongmun (okay, I think its because we can't communicate well in Korean that's well - I suppose there are stalls there for your meals!), we headed out to a nearby Korean stall.

Bf had bibimbap - which was bad according to him; and I had dwenjang jjigae (fermented soybean paste soup) which was just average.

3. Coffee Tree J Cafe near Hamdeok beach

Near Hamdeok beach lies many different restaurants, so you can consider having your meals here before or after touring the beach!
For us, since we had our meals already, we headed to this cafe for our daily dosage of caffeine.
Do try the coffee here because it's really good!
Coffee were also made from freshly powdered beans!
Here's our white coffee mocha topped with whipped cream :)

4. Seafood steamboat At Seongsan Illchulbong

Right outside of Illchubong is a stretch of seafood steamboat stalls waiting for your entrance.
We just randomly entered one - I can't remember the name but it was the biggest stall; since the auntie looked friendly and nice
Anyway, prices for seafood steamboat are the same la - QUOTE ME BECAUSE I ASKED EVERY SINGLE STALL

Many side dishes as usual - I'm not complaining
Not fresh one :( 
There were 2 abalones in this pot - 1 was already dead; you could tell because the abalone wasn't moving when the pot was boiling.

Verdict: food not fresh, abalone is too hard - aiya SINGAPORE SEAFOOD BETTER LA


Well, that concludes the end of my Jeju food guide - sorry to disappoint, but the food I ate wasn't anything special.
However, it's the scenery that makes Jeju a MUST GO PLACE IN KOREA!

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