Cheap 4 steps skincare regime

As an early twenties girl, I should be taking care of my skin to prevent premature aging.
Sadly, I'm a very lazy person.
But thankfully, my skin doesn't pose much problems, except that it's rather dry.

However, for many of us, sitting in front of the computer for hours (think radiation), and staying in air-conditioned places can negatively affect our skin conditions.
Plus, Singapore has such a hot and humid climate!

I've been "trying" to make it a point to do some after-care treatment after cleansing.
So, I'll be sharing with you my skincare regime!
Please note that this is non-sponsored and I don't tout myself to be a know-it-all!
I think this is very helpful for those poor students or people looking for skincare products with a budget.
I can safely proclaim that the products I used are really affordable ;)

1. Cleanser
This is a MUST do step for me every day.
It has become a habit for me to incorporate face-cleansing while I am bathing.
I'll apply facial cleanser on my face after I've shampoo my hair!
I'm currently using Eversoft Organic Rice Milk & Honey which is "Double Moisturizing"
Previously, I've used their tomato & cucumber and avocado, which were all good!
I tend to choose facial products that have either fruits or milk labels on them.
They tend to smell really nice too :)

2. Toner
The next step is to apply toner on my face.
This is to close the pores on your face, which were expanded during your bath (especially if you bathe in warm or hot water)
Try to choose alcohol free toner.
According to Neutrogena, "Alcohol-Free Toner refreshes skin without stripping its natural moisturizers."
My Neutrogena toner costs $7.

3. Hydrating lotion
Recently, I started applying the hydrating lotion after receiving a sample bottle from Hada Labo
To be frank, I don't feel much difference when I applied this on my face. For me this step is optional.
But the Hada Labo Hydating Lotion is the 2011 Winner of the Best Beauty Buys of The Singapore's Women's Weekly, and it is said that 1 is sold every 2 seconds in Japan.
How I use this is to dispense a few drops onto my palm and I lightly rub them together before patting them onto my face.
I have to say this is easily absorbed into my skin though :)

4. Moisturizer or sleeping pack
Behold, this is one of the most popular products and one of the MUST BUY when you're in Korea!
I am definitely going back to get this since it's so much cheaper + lots of free samples when you purchase.
I bought 4 bottles of this 1-2 years back in Seoul, 2 of it for my friends.
Currently, the big bottles have been used up, so I'm using the sample sizes now.
Luckily, I'll be heading back to Korea in May yay!
The Laneige Water Sleeping Pack is really hydrating and moisturizing.
I kid not, it is really so awesome!
Just apply on your face and go to sleep.
You'll probably wake up feeling like Song Hye Kyo - the ambassador of Laneige.
Beware of buying these online or on qoo10 though, just a word of caution that those may not be authentic, but if you're not afraid, by all means!
If I'm not wrong, a bottle costs around $30 in Korea?

That's all for now!
Stay tune for my korea trip during mid May and June!

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