Itacho Sushi - Bugis Junction 板长寿司

I wonder why I am not sick of Japanese food yet.
Met up with my friend at Itacho Sushi for dinner.

Somehow I still think Sushi Tei is better, but well, Itacho doesn't taste that bad either.
Sushi Tei's sushi are more fresh in my opinion.
Take advantage of the 50% sushi yeah!
But bear in mind it's not all 50% off - in fact only 1 is

I'll just let the photos do the talking

 the 40cents salmon with soysauce is a must order! :P

unfortunately, i did not enjoy this eel -.- although it's supposedly popular (see menu)

There're a few food which I didn't take
But you get the idea of what we ordered!
Total bill sets us to $57 for two.
Not a bad experience, so do go if you're thinking of what to eat at Bugis!

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