Nook - the place to go for DIY pancakes?

Long Time No See.
Have been caught up with school work.
There's no end to it, really, but here I am, trying to blog, while my eyelids are closing.

Anyway, I finally tried NOOK
I won it from DanielFoodDiary, hehe lucky me!
In case you havent heard of it, it's a place for you to make pancakes - in your way.
It tout itself as the FIRST DIY pancake place.
Located at Bukit Timah, it wasn't exactly convenient for me.
Luckily I had my personal chauffeur, hehe just kidding.

The DIY pancake making I got was the $28 set.
It comes with 2 flavours of batter + 3 toppings.
Mind you, the toppings are really SMALL.
Judge for yourself.
Our toppings were caramelized apple (3 pieces erhem), strawberries (2 cut into halves) and blueberries.
So little hor!
We, or ME, being the boring people, chose the banana and original buttermilk batter.
Sorry, there's no creativity in my dictionary. 
Judging from my creations, you'll know - funny hor, DIY pancakes for what? In the end, I made them round and SO ORIGINAL.
I kept hearing my boyfriend saying "WHY YOU NOT CREATIVE ONE"
Wah lao eh, says you. (okay la, he's more creative)
To be frank, the batter was not bad.
The banana one was rather fragrant.
But like many things, too much of it will make you uneasy.
I swear I'm not gonna eat pancakes in at least half a year!

By the way, the initial waiting time for the pancake to cook was really long.
Until my bf turned the heat up -_-
 Flip it over once you see bubbles!

If you realized, that's the Singapore flag LOL. and my two very UN-CREATIVE round pancakes
We then decided to draw each other - LOL
Doesn't his drawing of me look like Shin Chan ( 蜡笔小新 ) MUM?

We also ordered the strawberry milkshake, but it tasted like a bad mixture of strawberry syrup :(

Service wise, I'd like to give brownie points for the guy in black, I think he's the manager?, for his pleasant service
However, the waiting time was atrocious, we sat there waiting for probably 15 minutes before our batter arrived.
By then I was hungry like a cow.
Also, the teenage staff were rather emotionless, probably too tired from work I guess.

All in all, it was a rather nice experience.
Thanks Nook for having us!
Would love to try out Carpenter and Cook the next time, which is a few shops away!

Bukit Timah, 21 Lorong Kilat,#01-03 S’pore 598123 
Opening Hours : 
Tuesday – Friday, 12pm – 10pm 
Saturday, 10am – 10pm 
Sunday, 10am – 10pm 
Phone : 6466 1811

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