Erabelle - eyebrow design

This is a non-sponsored post, which means, what I'm saying here are totally HONEST!

I had my first ever eyebrow design treatment yesterday at Erabelle Bugis.
Let me repeat, it was my first attempt in doing something to fix my brows!

I've long admired artistes with really nice eyebrows.
But I realized a lot of them drawn their eyebrows on - which means when they remove makeup, they're browless.
Gosh, that sounds horrid.
Plus, I think I've a low threshold for pain :(
I can't imagine people plucking my hair out, especially at my eyebrow!

I finally decided to fix my brows because 
1. I want to look neater
2. I am finally prepared
3. For my interview.
I think having neat eyebrows is a MUST, if you're preparing for any job interviews.

Anyway, I highly recommend going to Erabelle for an eyebrow design treatment!
It costs $27.90, and really, you'll see a big difference especially if your brows are really unkempt.

Pain wise, it was bearable :)
I asked the staff if it would be pain and she frankly said that for first-timers, pain is inevitable.
Oh well, I was already seated, didn't feel like running away from it forever!

The whole process was smooth.
While there were occasional pain, it didn't warrant any screaming or kicking.
I guess it boils down to the skills of the staff!

I feel shy showing the BEFORE and AFTER photo, but I realized this post won't be complete without it.
Anyway, it is possible that you do not see much difference from the pictures.
Similarly when I went home, nobody questioned my brows - it looked THAT natural.
Which is good!

Pardon me for my really lousy phone camera.
I really detest Galaxy Note 2's camera! HTC is so much better
Should have used a proper digicam or something XD

Since the photos are so blur, I'll just tell you that my brows BEFORE was unkempt and had no arch.
The staff told me that, this makes me look less alert.

Not only did she created a minor arch for me, she trimmed off the hairs between my two brows.
Yeah....if not, i'll looked like i've a single long eyebrow. Kidding.
It looks really neater IRL.
The after photo is taken 3 days later because the previous one was too dim!

I hope I didn't scare you with the pics.

Till then!

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