Savour 2013

Courtesy of Kiss92 and NespressoSG, I had the chance to visit Savour.
This biggest Gourmet Event in Singapore is held at the F1 Pit Building.
Well for more information, visit to know more.
My aim here is not to bore you with information.

With my pair of Savour Premier Pass, I invited my friend along with me on the 11th.
With $60 worth of vouchers, we had the chance to try on various specialties.
But there were quite a lot of misses.
Well I'll let the photos do the talking-  photo credits goes mostly to my friend :)
Please credit the photo if you intend to use it.


Stellar @ 1-Altitude's Smoked short rib of Beef is a MUST ORDER.
This is 1 of the HITS for me that day.

Traditional Peruvian Seafood Appetiser of Shrimps, Scallops and Octupus

 The appetizer from ASTRID & GASTON is good.
I particularly like the octopus, as it was really soft.
I can't figure out what's that yellow mash of thing as I'm not a food prodigy nor chef, but it was really really good.
Felt like mash potato, but I know there's more to it than that.
The chilli added the oomph to this dish.
Another HIT of the day.
 Remember to redeem your FREE Nespresso drinks!
Better order the Cold Latte as it's really hot there ;)

 THE ULTIMATE HIT OF THE DAY- baking session.
To be exact, it was just a cupcake decorating session
but as the first attempt for both of us girls, it was really fun :D
So please don't laugh at our works, I think we did a great job for our first tries!

 My work below
My friend's work:

 Squid and Mackerel "Burger" Salad of Sea Greens, Moroccan Lemon Peel

We ordered this after watching Chef Anthony Demetre's demo at the Gourmet Auditorium.
He's a chef from Wild Honey, UK with 1 Michelin Star
Sadly, it was a MISS for me. 
I'm sorry, but I wouldn't pay good money for this.
 Seared Scallop, Aerated Scallop and Dill Vichysoisse, Barley and Squid Ink Crumble
Just so-so.
Under the humid weather in Singapore (even at night), our chocolate dessert melted :(
I can't say this was good, but it did left a cool experience, because of the popping sensation in my mouth.
It reminded me of the sweet I ate when I was young.
*pop pop pop*

Unfortunately, all the appetizers below did not impress.

 Ending shot to mark the day

 All in all, a wonderful experience, particularly the baking session.
Would love to camp there and enjoy ALL the cooking sessions there.
unfortunately, time is not in my hands.

I'm sure there are plenty more HITS in the event.
So, head over there now - the event ends tomorrow.

11-14TH APRIL 2013 

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