Techy stuffs - ASUS and Dropbox

Was blogging halfway yesterday when my netbook decided to hang on me
(Netbook: ASUS EEE PC 1015B)
Hanging is not a big problem, as I could just force shut down it and restart again.
But yesterday's case was different.
After restarting, it prompted a "windows loading file" page, and kept restarting on itself
I couldn't find a way out of it
Until I googled with my phone, and found that the only way was to do system restore
zzzz, that means all my stuffs are gone.
And I didn't save everything in Dropbox
I suggest everyone just save whatever is important into Dropbox - the cloud-based drive
It's so easy to use and best of all, FREE
I already have 33 GB for free - 25gb comes from the Space Race (those tertiary students would know)
I've learnt my lesson now, be prepared and backup your stuffs!
You won't know when your computer just hangs and dies, dont let you important files die together!
Now I've warned you, haha, so go download Dropbox and save your files.
Really useful.

Anyway, I'm contemplating on changing my netbook.
Just a year ago, netbook was the rage, and people were saying netbook is going to be IN
Wrong, tablets and ultrabooks are.
The reason why I wanted my Eee PC 1015B was because of its small size and weight!
I don't like to carry heavy things, thus this was a good choice.
But not in terms of its functionality - its small screen makes me squint my eyes :( and we know this is bad for eyesights, so I had to increase its font size
I also hate it that my ASUS netbook gets hot easily!

I don't want a tablet either, because I prefer my keyboards to type notes
I've used the Nexus 7.

The downside is its short battery life (or maybe because I kept playing games :X).
There's a problem with starting the tablet too, I had to press the power button for so darn long zzzz
Not very user friendly in this way.
But the interface was not bad, aiya, just like our android phones lor - but BIGGER than our phones.
A tablet is good on the go, for playing games while you're bored, but not the best for note-takings
I'd rather use a pen and paper in lecture seriously.
But it's good for opening PDF files and slides - but, when you wanna edit it, that's the problem.

So, an ultrabook?
Maybe, I'll have to check out the prices first!

Till then for my next skincare reviews! ;)

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